Get Phantasy Star Online 2es (VPN)

Update: The game has been release, you can get it on Arks-Layer. Don’t bother with a VPN.

After receiving a mail saying that I was chosen for the closed beta of Phantasy Star Online 2: es, I wanted to install it on my phone like anybody who’s supposed to play it.

Like always, things don’t go smoothly: it’s region locked on the Play Store.
I’m using a Nexus 4 running the stock Android 4.3.


I’m not responsible of anything, if you have a problem with scanning a QR Code you can get Google Goggles. For other problems I consider you know how to read so there should not be any.
Keep in mind that your device is probably not compatible.

Step 1: Create a Google Account on your phone

Go to your settings menu, then select Add account in the language your device is.
Create a new account, but don’t go on the Play Store with it right now.

Step 2: Setup a VPN and connect

Now you need to make the Play Store think you’re in Japan. the cheapest option is to set up a VPN.
Go to your settings, in Wireless & Networks click the More entry then VPN.

Click the new button then fill the form:

  • Name: name it
  • Type: L2TP/IPSec PSK
  • Server address:
  • IPSec pre-shared key: vpn
  • Tick the advanced box
  • Forwarding routes:

After validating the form you must connect and fill the login form:

  • Username: vpn
  • Password: vpn

Now you are connected.

Step 3: Go to the PSO2es page

Now you need to go to the PSO2es page (use the QR Code below), you’ll see a message telling you that it’s not available in your region. Go to the Play Store options on your device, then into the settings.

Change the selected account to the new account and return to the PSO2es page with the QR Code below.


Step 4: Enjoy it

I don’t know if it will update itself if you switch accounts, but it’s better than nothing.

Keep in mind that I’m not responsible for anything.

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  1. Oh hey :x I’ve been using this VPN to accces the japanese Play Store and download other games. An MMO I’ve been waiting for was released for Android on Japan, but I can’t connect to this VPN :// It’s been some time now. Any idea of what might be hapenning?

      1. Oh OK :D I thought it could’ve been anything else :// Well, I hope there’s another beta or the final release soon then :) Ty ^^

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