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UPDATE 2021/03/04: After reviewing some posts (like this one) I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a pretty dumb idea, don’t use it. Instead use Enlighter.

Update 17/02/2016: Looks like I had to change some CSS again.

Update 12/05/2015: It seems that some themes don’t work well with this plugin. The I recommend the default Twenty Eleven WordPress theme if you need to use this plugin. If you have a fix for other themes don’t hesitate to send a pull request.

As a hot fix you can add the following CSS rule:

.gist .blob-num {
	width: 35px !important;

Show Me Your Gists is a simple plugin I wrote to embed Gists links as widgets.

Imagine you want to directly embed this link:

Imagine that you can do it just like you embed a YouTube video by pasting a link on a line by itself. Now you can and this is what it looks like.

SMYG is all about easy embedding without even needing to copy and paste the embed link and going out of the visual view to write some HTML.

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