The RappyPerms is a simple tool used to fixe the permissions of Phantasy Star Online 2 *.exe files.
If you’re not using a Japanese operating system and if you’re playing the Japanese version of Phantasy Star Online 2 you may want a simple tool that will apply the good rights on the game.

It applies for any user on the computer the reading, writing, and executing permissions on the following files:

  • pso2.exe
  • pso2download.exe
  • pso2launcher.exe
  • pso2predownload.exe
  • pso2update.exe

This app runs on Windows Vista, Windows Seven and Windows 8.
Windows XP is not and will not be supported, please upgrade.

You can download it here: RappyPerms 2.1.

How to disable µTorrent’s ads

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UPDATE: Please do not use µTorrent anymore. They include too much bloatware. Instead use Deluge.

What’s worse than a toolbar installed because you clicked next, next, next, and didn’t have the chance to cancel ?
Well probably nothing, except when the software you install comes with some advertising that you didn’t really want.

It’s been a while that µTorrent started using advertising in it’s Windows app, I know people need money to live, but I really hate having ads I don’t want.

To disable that ungly yellow bar:

  • Click Option then go into “Preferences”;
  • Then go to the “Advanced” menu;
  • Fill the filter text box with: sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled;
  • Set it to false;
  • Fill the filter text box with: left_rail_offer_enabled;
  • Set it to false;
  • Restart µTorrent.

Games For Windows Live on Windows 8


A few days ago I obtained Batman: Arkham City on Steam and I forgot to check if it was a Games For Windows Live game.
By the way I’m running Windows 8 Pro (64bit), and Games For Windows Live doesn’t run when I start the game, after closing the game and eating I decided to play some more (it’s a good game).

I lost my progression, I didn’t play much but I lost my progression. That was enough for me to drop this game because I went trough a lot while I was trying to play the game in English since I prefer playing the games in their original language.
Then I found a solution on the Steam Game Hub.

Solved the problem! I had to do these steps:

  • – Open “Programs and Features”
  • – Uninstall all entries starting with “Microsoft Games For Windows…”
  • – Then ONLY reinstall latest version of “Games for Windows Software Setup” aka gfwlivesetup.exe, there is NO NEED to reinstall the Assistant!

I also know what the root cause of the problem was: When you install Batman Arkham City it installs an OLD version of the GFWL client not working with Windows 8. So you have to uninstall the old crap and then install the new version!

Works like a charm now with Batman Arkham City on Windows 8!

All credit goes to Acryl.
By the way I personnally think that Games For Windows Live is cancer.