How to disable µTorrent’s ads

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UPDATE: Please do not use µTorrent anymore. They include too much bloatware. Instead use Deluge.

What’s worse than a toolbar installed because you clicked next, next, next, and didn’t have the chance to cancel ?
Well probably nothing, except when the software you install comes with some advertising that you didn’t really want.

It’s been a while that µTorrent started using advertising in it’s Windows app, I know people need money to live, but I really hate having ads I don’t want.

To disable that ungly yellow bar:

  • Click Option then go into “Preferences”;
  • Then go to the “Advanced” menu;
  • Fill the filter text box with: sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled;
  • Set it to false;
  • Fill the filter text box with: left_rail_offer_enabled;
  • Set it to false;
  • Restart µTorrent.