Trine 2 not running on Windows 8

UPDATE 2021/03/04: After reviewing some posts (like this one) I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a pretty dumb thing to do, don’t run games as admin just because they don’t run.

This blog could be called the “not running on Windows 8”, and if people actually read this blog they’ll think that I’m trolling them about Windows 8.
Windows 8 is not that bad at all, it just has some small issues with some software not written for it.

I personally think that Trine 2 has some of the best graphics, and the story or the gameplay is not that bad while it’s linear.

There are 3 little steps:

  • Browse to the game’s folder: \Steam\steamapps\common\trine 2
  • Locate trine2_launcher.exe and right-click, then choose properties
  • In the properties window, go to compatibility then tick the box called “Run as admin” or something like that (I have a French system).

Even if you disabled smartscreen and the UAC, programmes won’t run with Admin rights if you don’t ask them too (with a manifest or right clicking then running as admin).

You can now enjoy Trine 2 !