Beef PC

It’s upgrade time and starting today I’ll be rocking a new build.

Old parts

My 2017 desktop has some very old parts dating back to 2011 and 2012. Only the GPU dates back to 2017 and I’ve add some SSD drives last year.

The old parts are:

  • Intel i7 3770K @3.50GHz with 4 cores;
  • 4 times 4GB Corsair Vengeance 1866MHz;
  • Gigabyte GTX 1080 8GB (the newest);
  • Asus Sabertooth P67;
  • Cooler Master HAF-X.

It has also two Samsung 860 SATA SSDs and a 2TB Seagate Barracuda spinning rust drive.

New parts

First of all to get started I’m only swapping the CPU (+ cooler), motherboard and RAM. I’ll be adding two NVMe PCI-E 4.0 SSDs to the lot too.

I’m now rocking:

  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900X @3.7/4.8GHz with 12 cores;
  • 2 times 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3600MHz CL18;
  • Asus TUF Gaming X570-PRO;
  • 2 times 1TB Samsung SSD 980 Pro M.2 PCI-E 4.0 NVMe;
  • Be quiet! Silent Base 802;
  • NVidia RTX 3080Ti.

I’m still shaking because of the price and the sheer excitement I’m getting out of building such a beast. More the excitement actually than the price.

The beef PC

Right now it’s what I’d call the beef PC, even though it’s not overpowered GPU wise and the RAM could be increased to 64GB or even 128GB, I love it the way it is.

I know the DDR5 is going to be a thing, probably next year and we are already talking about PCI-E 5.0 but for now I have a good upgrade and it’s worth it.
I could wait but if I did wait what guarantees would I get that my previous hardware would still perform well enough?
Would the jump in performance and possible launch issues be worth it ?

A platform’s maturity counts very much for me. I believe I’m not missing on much right now.

With that said I’m leaving you to the reference that made me call this PC the Beef PC:

Check out 2ManySnacks’ channel, great content, the featured image is part of that video.

Update 13-06-2022

I GOT AN RTX 3080TI NOW!!!!!