RollerCoaster Tycoon

UPDATE 2020/03/04: Yo check out OpenRCT2!

RollerCoaster Tycoon was made by Chris Sawyer at the end of the 90s. This game is about maintaining an amusement park, building rides, building food stores…
It’s about YOUR amusement park !

The game was written in assembly and C (to interface with Windows) and can be played on today’s up to date Windows 8.1 64bit with the GoG’s version.

Can my toaster run this ?

Yes it can !
To run this game you’ll need Windows 95 or newer, a 90MHz CPU.
You’ll also need 1MB of video memory and 16MB of RAM, your toaster should run this game fine.

Play it in windowed mode

Since it’s an old game, I highly suggest you to play it in windowed mode. You might encounter some glitches when ALT-TABing or trying to click out of the window to do something with another app whithout having the click be registered.
The workaround is to right click RollerCoaster Tycoon title bar on the windows and then click out of the window.

Obviously ALT-TABing with your keyboard will work just fine.